Psychologist Rama Murthy, M.Sc.(psychology), PGDGC (Counselling & Guidance), MS, PGDEM,DAFE (Family Education), CPH(Public Health).

Life Memeber Acadamy Of psychologists.
Ex. Counsultant of Govt. Juvenile Welfare Department(CHB).

Psychologist B. Rama Murthy well qualified and certified in psychology,Counselling and Guidance.Promothing Psychological well being and Preventing irrational,illogical thinking and dysfunctional, Maladaptive behavior.Helping the individuals to Overcome Psychological,Behavioural ,adjustmental and emotional problems. During therapeutic relationship and intervention providing unconditional affection,empathic understanding and Friendly nature. Now a days Psychological and behavioural problems increasing day by day due to modern,Mechanical stressful lifestyle. People very oftenly affected by these neurotic,psychotic,personality adjustmental and emotional disorders. Psychological and behavioral Problems are successfully Modifying application with universal approved scientific psychogoical behavioral counselling therapeutic techniques, Bhavioural therapy,systematic desensitization, Positive, Nagative reinforcenent,Shapping,aversion, Extinction,Tokeneconomy,exposure, therapies, vivo, implosive flooding,assertive,relaxation training,cognitive, and Psychotherpy.

Specialist in:

⚫ Psychological Stress
⚫ Anxiety
⚫ Family Problems
⚫ Sleeplessness
⚫ Suicidal Thoughts
⚫ Study Problems


⚫ Adjustmental Disorder

⚫ Anger Management

⚫ School Refusal

⚫ Depression



1. Masters in psychology from Sree venkateswa university in Tirupathi.
2. Post graduation diploma in guidance and counselling from Annamalai university.
3. Masters in sexuality and sexual counselling from reputated UGC recognised Kuvempu university in Karnataka.
4.Advanced Post graduation diploma in emergency medical care from Osmania university.
5. Diploma in AIDS and Family education from IGNOU.
6. Certificate of Public Health


Life Member Academy Of Psychologists.Ex.Consultant Psychologist of Govt. Juvenile Welfare Department.(CHB)
Secretry of AP counselling Psychologists Association.(Vizag zone)
Secretry of Inspire Professional Psychologists Society of india.(Vizag)

For Domestic, International Patients & NRI's

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