Availability of Online Consultation

Call / Video

In addition to in-person appointments, Mr. Rama Murthy recognizes the growing need for flexible healthcare solutions and offers online consultations. These services are available via both call and video conferencing, ensuring that clients can receive psychological support regardless of their location or mobility constraints. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are unable to visit the clinic physically due to distance, health reasons, or personal preferences for remote consultation.

How Online Consultations Work

Clients interested in online consultations can easily schedule their appointments for either call or video sessions. This process is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, catering to the diverse needs of clients. Mr. Murthy ensures that these remote consultations maintain the same level of confidentiality and professional care as in-person sessions. The online consultation mode is ideal for follow-up sessions, therapy discussions, and initial assessments, providing continuity of care in a convenient format.

Advantages of Online Consultation

Online consultations offer several advantages. They save travel time and costs, provide comfort and privacy in one's own environment, and are ideal for those with time constraints. Additionally, they ensure that mental health support remains uninterrupted during times when physical mobility might be limited, such as during health crises or travel restrictions.

Incorporating information about online consultation services emphasizes Mr. Murthy’s commitment to accessibility and adaptability in providing psychological care. This is a crucial aspect of modern healthcare services and meets the evolving needs of clients in today’s digital age.

Psychologist Rama Murthy, M.Sc.(psychology), PGDGC (Counselling & Guidance), MS, PGDEM,DAFE (Family Education), CPH(Public Health).

Life Memeber Acadamy Of psychologists.
Ex. Counsultant of Govt. Juvenile Welfare Department(CHB).

Psychologist Mr. B. Rama Murthy is a well-qualified and certified professional, specializing in Counseling and Guidance. He is committed to promoting psychological well-being and preventing irrational, illogical thinking, as well as dysfunctional and maladaptive behaviors. Mr. Murthy assists individuals in overcoming a variety of psychological, behavioral, adjustment, and emotional challenges. Throughout the therapeutic relationship and intervention, he provides unconditional affection, empathic understanding, and a friendly demeanor.

In today's world, where lifestyles are often characterized by stress and a mechanical nature, psychological and behavioral problems are increasingly common. These issues may include neurotic, psychotic, personality, adjustment, and emotional disorders. Mr. Murthy employs a range of universally approved, scientifically-based psychological and behavioral counseling therapeutic techniques. His methods include behavioral therapy, systematic desensitization, positive and negative reinforcement, shaping, aversion therapy, extinction techniques, token economy, exposure therapies (such as in vivo, implosive flooding), assertiveness training, relaxation training, cognitive therapy, and psychotherapy. These diverse approaches enable him to effectively address and modify a wide array of psychological and behavioral problems.

Expertise in Diverse Psychological Issues

With a specialization in a wide range of psychological challenges, Mr. Murthy offers comprehensive care for mental health issues. His expertise includes managing psychological stress, anxiety, family problems, and sleeplessness. Additionally, he provides crucial support for more complex conditions like suicidal thoughts, study-related problems, ADHD, adjustmental disorder, anger management, school refusal, depression, and OCD. His approach is holistic, addressing both the mind and emotional well-being.

Personalized Care and Treatment Approach

Mr. Murthy believes in a personalized approach to treatment. Understanding that each individual’s experience with mental health is unique, he tailors his therapy sessions to meet the specific needs of his clients. He combines various therapeutic techniques, ensuring a versatile and effective treatment plan. His empathetic and non-judgmental attitude helps clients feel safe and supported throughout their journey to recovery.

Commitment to Mental Health and Well-being

Dedicated to improving mental health in the community, Mr. Murthy’s practice is not just about addressing immediate psychological issues but also about empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge to manage their mental health proactively. His commitment to his clients extends beyond the therapy sessions, providing them with the tools and support needed for lasting positive change.

Appointment and Consultation Details

Appointments with Mr. Rama Murthy can be scheduled at the Srinivasa Chambers, First Floor 209, located beside LG Hospital and opposite KGH Middle Gate in Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam-2. Clients are encouraged to book in advance to ensure a suitable time slot. His clinic is equipped with a comfortable setting to ensure client privacy and relaxation during consultations.

Specialist in:

⚫ Psychological Stress
⚫ Anxiety
⚫ Family Problems
⚫ Sleeplessness
⚫ Suicidal Thoughts
⚫ Study Problems


⚫ Adjustmental Disorder

⚫ Anger Management

⚫ School Refusal

⚫ Depression



1. Masters in psychology from Sree venkateswa university in Tirupathi.
2. Post graduation diploma in guidance and counselling from Annamalai university.
3. Masters in sexuality and sexual counselling from reputated UGC recognised Kuvempu university in Karnataka.
4.Advanced Post graduation diploma in emergency medical care from Osmania university.
5. Diploma in AIDS and Family education from IGNOU.
6. Certificate of Public Health


Life Member Academy Of Psychologists.Ex.Consultant Psychologist of Govt. Juvenile Welfare Department.(CHB)
Secretry of AP counselling Psychologists Association.(Vizag zone)
Secretry of Inspire Professional Psychologists Society of india.(Vizag)